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Solar Batteries for Home Use

Going solar can save you money on energy bills and help the environment at the same time. A properly installed solar panel system can also eventually become an income-producing asset. Battery storage is a way to have additional control overpowering your home. Home battery storage is cheaper than ever, and new incentives available both nationally and in certain states are making going solar with batteries a smart move in more ways than one. The dream of powering your home with off-grid solar is still not quite “financially advantageous,” but having a battery in your home to save money on peak electricity costs and keep the lights on during a blackout is a reality today.

There’s now a newer and more convenient alternative to solar grid panels in the installation of advanced batteries. These can be charged with extra sun power and used when the weather isn’t so good. There are a lot of benefits to using a battery instead of grid backup. They are as follows:

Potentially maximize your solar investment: If you have solar photovoltaic (PV), having a battery can help optimize carbon reduction impacts and energy bill savings. On the other hand, if you make more power than you consume, you’ll generally be able to sell the excess back to the grid, meaning your electricity bills will sometimes be credited or discounted. 

Potentially reduce your energy costs: If you are on a time-of use-rate or an electric vehicle rate, your battery can charge when energy is cheaper (for example at night) and discharge energy when energy is more expensive.

Backup power: For solar customers, the grid acts as a battery under the Net Energy Metering program. If you feel you lose power multiple times per year, a battery storage system is capable of providing emergency power to an individual’s home for several hours.

Affordable to install: Believe it or not, it’s actually an affordable option to get solar systems installed into your home. While there have been government incentives in the past to install a solar system, nowadays the costs involved to install a system is outweighed by the amount of savings each year on your electricity costs. You may be surprised at how much it will cost to get your own solar power system for your home.


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