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Solar Roof Tiles

As we all know, solar energy can be produced only through solar panels. So we have to think about installing solar panels on our home rooftop. The panels that are used big enough, which occupy more space and they are inconvenient as well. To overcome this disadvantage, a new concept of utilizing solar energy is introduced. It is called solar roof tiles. They are tiles, which can be put over the rooftop, to store energy, but one disadvantage of solar roof tiles is that more amounts of tiles are required to store some amount of energy, and it is costly, as well.
Installing solar roof tiles must be done by a certified installer using standard roofing components. The process of installation is similar to fitting normal roof tiles, yet the solar tiles must always have a border of normal roof tiles as opposed to solar panels which are fitted on the rooftop, making them in some cases less aesthetically pleasing. After each unit is fixed, the electric cables are fitted into weatherproof connec…

How to plan for solar panels for a new home?

Everyone has a dream to build their own new home. But building a new home is very challenging and a difficult process as well. There are so many things one should keep in mind such as finding the perfect block of land in the best suburbs, selecting the right builder and other things like furnishings, colours, fittings etc.
If you decide to install solar panels on your rooftop when your home is being built, you can ensure that your home is designed with solar PV systems. While your solar energy system doesn’t need to be at the centre of all your home design decisions, anticipating and eliminating potential issues at the time of construction is a lot easier than trying to work around them later.
The “ideal” solar home has a south-facing roof to capture as much sunlight as possible over the course of the day.  Every roof types are suitable for solar installation but some roof types will be difficult for the solar installers to work with. Slate tiles and cedar shingle roofs are fragile and…

Future of Solar Energy in Kerala

Solar power is now becoming a trend. It is spreading very fast throughout Kerala. We are decided to step up our power generation through renewable energy source like solar. We all know the importance of sustainable power sources and thus the switch to green energy will be painless. Solar energy has been with us for some time. It’s no longer unusual to see rooftop solar panels or larger solar farms. With technology development, solar panels have become widely used and it isn’t just clean energy enthusiasts who install them: people are installing them as a form of investment.
Solar cells, the devices that convert solar energy into electricity, only come in so many forms at the moment. Most of the ones in commercial use are made of silicon. But while these silicon cells dominate the market, they’re far from perfect — on average, they’re only able to achieve 16 to 20 per cent efficiency when it comes to converting solar energy.
Compounding solar’s impending energy dominance; researchers are…