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Kerala faced the fury of nature in the form of heavy rains. During August 2018, the incessant rains and subsequent floods threw life out of gear in most parts of the State. Even at the time of writing this blog, efforts are on to put the infrastructure facilities back to work. State incurred loss of precious human lives, damages to property, Livestock, settlements etc.
During the worst humanitarian crisis, Kerala faced, Soura Natural Energy Solutions pitched into the relief operation works along with the State administration and the Disaster Management Authority. Soura volunteered to reach the affected areas, helped the victims to be shifted to relief camps. Besides this, Soura organized food and drinking water to the general public housed in the relief camps. Soura provided solar powered lighting systems in the disaster area, where grid became unavailable. To establish communication systems with the people, we provided Solar powered mobile charging stations at multiple locations.

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Solar energy is the most abundant energy on earth. And experts believe that harnessing solar energy will play a key role in solving the world’s energy problems. One of the best ways to capture solar energy is through a system of solar panels. Solar panels collect a tiny fraction of the 173,000 terawatts of solar energy that the sun continuously delivers. That’s about 10,000 times more than the total energy consumption of the world! Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate the most energy per square meter when they receive direct sunlight. But what happens when it’s cloudy? Depending on the cloud formation, not all light will be blocked from entering the earth’s surface. Although sunlight is important in solar panel output levels, another important factor is radiation. Solar radiation is the main source of energy solar panels use to convert to electricity, and will still cut through cloud layers. Solar cells are made to capture a broad range of the solar spectrum and will continue to conve…

Monocrystalline VS Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels
This is the oldest and most developed of the three technologies. Monocrystalline panels as the name suggests are created from a single continuous crystal structure. A Monocrystalline panel can be identified from the solar cells which all appear as a single flat colour. They are made through the Czochralski method where a silicon crystal ‘seed’ is placed in a vat of molten silicon. The seed is then slowly drawn up with the molten silicon forming a solid crystal structure around the seed known as an ingot. The ingot of solid crystal silicon that is formed is then finely sliced ingot what is known as a silicon wafer. This is then made into a cell. The Czochralski process results in large cylindrical ingots. Four sides are cut out of the ingots to make silicon wafers. A significant amount of the original silicon ends up as waste.
Advantages Mono panels are the most efficient since they’re made with high-quality silicon. They typically perform better than polycrys…

Solar Windows For a Smart Future

Solar generation is being used in a variety of ways to give people options on how they want to power their homes. Instead of big, bulky panels on the roof, there is a more discreet roofing alternative. For example, the ability to install solar-powered glass. Solar power is an environmentally sound option for producing electricity using renewable, non-polluting sunlight. However, solar panels only function properly when they have exposure to enough direct sunlight. If you use solar panels indoors or in your vehicle, having tinted windows will likely affect how they work. But as long as some sunlight is present, solar panels will still work.
Solar panels mounted on rooftops and south-facing exterior walls get the best exposure to sun and produce the most power. But small, indoor solar panels are also used for different tasks. For example, solar calculators reduce the need for disposable batteries. The small amount of power that a calculator consumes means that even a heavily tinted windo…